Animation & Game

Total War: Warhammer II – Curse of the Vampire Coast

Tic worked on the Total War release Warhammer II, Curse of the Vampire Coast for Creative Assembly. Here she provided orchestral arrangement for the in game soundtrack. Check out the trailer below.

Welsh National Opera – Digital Teach Valleys

In May – June 2017  Tic worked alongside Welsh National Opera and animation company Gritty Realism to created the animated film ‘Viennese Whirls’. Tic lead a series of workshops with Primary school children from the Valleys area of South Wales, helping them to create songs and musical ideas based on characters from the operetta ‘Die Fledermaus’.

She then took the creative ideas produced by the students and developed then into an orchestral score to accompany the animated film. During the process Tic worked with WNO Bassoonist Chris Vale to record live bassoon parts for the score.

A Bird In A Cage

A Bird In a Cage is an award winning short film created by Winding Snake Productions which focuses on the Suffragette movement and the life of Lady Margaret Mackworth.

Learning To Fly

Tic has been working with Winding Snake Productions since 2011, creating soundtracks for short films and running music workshops for numerous community based animation projects. Learning To Fly is an example of such projects.

Created by Winding Snake Productions. Music by Tic Ashfield.